Sunday, November 9, 2008

What is Lowville Long Ago?

Lowville Long Ago is a wiki that represents a new concept in genealogy and family history research - something I call Genealogy Relationship Management (GRM). It is similar to Customer Relationship Management which relies upon "relationship intelligence."

Here's an example of how this concept works: let's say that Catherine Sullivan was your 3 times great-grandmother. You not only want to find out who may have attended her funeral, but where they lived, worked, and how they all were related to each other and to Catherine Sullivan.

Currently, you would need to perform a great deal of research using various Lowville-related resources to find the facts, and then you would need to connect the dots of those relationships. It isn't easy to coalesce all these facts so that at an instance you can see who lived in Deer River or who was affected by the Flood of September 12, 1890.

Why are these factual relationships important? A family member may have moved due to that floor, or they may have been neighbors with another relative in Deer River.

GRM not only takes much of the work out of determining these relationships, just like a true wiki, it encourages you to explore areas, concepts and relationships that you may not have considered as relevant to your research.

In short, Lowville Long Ago is a journey back in time to a typical all-American town in upstate New York using the wiki format found at Wikipedia. Lowville Long Ago is a way of consolidating readily-available information into one easy to use website.

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Terry Thornton said...

Thomas, I'm most intrigued by your new Wiki --- the visit to your main Wiki page indicates to me the promise of this concept. I wish you the greatest of success --- and you'll be hearing from me to learn more.

Terry Thornton